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Investment in stock and commodity market is subject to market risk, before investment please read carefully terms & condition. Please do not trade on those tips which are not provided through SMS or Messengers.We do not provide any surety, guaranteed or assured return.

Risk Profile Questionnaire

Risk Profile Questionnaire

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I declare that the information provided in this questionnaire is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I undertake to inform the Investment Advisor in writing as soon as Possible of any changes to this information. I acknowledge that the Investment Advisor takes no responsibility or liability for any acts or omissions resulting from the provision of incomplete or inaccurate information.

Risk Classification Scores
Low Below 150
Medium 150 to 390
High Above 390


Risk Score : ___________
Risk Category : ___________


Pursuant to SEBI guideline, (Investment Advisor) Regulations 2013 we have formed policies for risk profiling and suitability assessment as required under regulation 16 and 17 of the said act. Following which Investment adviser shall ensure that-

    (a) All investments on which investment advice is provided is appropriate to the risk profile of the client;
    (b) It has a documented process for selecting investments based on client's investment objectives and financial situation;
    (c) It understands the nature and risks of products or assets selected for clients;
    (d) It has a reasonable basis for believing that a recommendation or transaction entered into:

      (i) meets the client's investment objectives;
      (ii) is such that the client is able to bear any related investment risks consistent with its investment objectives and risk tolerance;
      (iii) is such that the client has the necessary experience and knowledge to understand the risks involved in the transaction.

Our risk profile comprehensive form comprises of such questions which helps client & us to determine the said objectives. This Investor Suitability assessment guides you in choosing services according to your investment objectives, risk tolerance, financial profile and investment experience. The information provided helps us to assess your needs in a defined manner. It is important to provide accurate and complete information to ensure that appropriate services are recommended according to investment needs and objectives.

To ensure that the advice given to you is suitable for you we shall ensure that all investments on which investment advice is provided is appropriate to your risk profile categorizing as low risk appetite, medium risk appetite and high risk appetite investor. A similar classification will be done for services after considering the risk and reward of the services offered and various SEBI guidelines in this regards. Client with Medium risk appetite is recommended to subscribe Medium risk services only and client with high risk appetite is recommended to subscribe either medium or high risk services. We do not offer low risk services.

Depending on the risk involved in stock market, financial profile and investment experience, clients can be classified into the following categories.

    1. Low risk investor- This type of investor take very low risk and mainly focus on capital protection, they are happy with low rewards.
    2. Medium risk investor - This type of investor is able to accept downfall in their investment occasionally and is willing to take medium risk associated with market. They focus on medium risk & reward.
    3. High risk investor - This type of investor is keen for opportunities to generate high returns and is able to accept substantial risk and even significant downfall in their investment values.

The maximum total score of the risk profile questionnaire is 750. Basis upon the scores we classify clients as below

Risk Assessment Score Risk Tolerance Investor Type Characteristics of Services
Less Than 150 Low Low Risk Investor We don't offer any services of equities & derivatives market to Low Risk appetite client
150 to 390 Medium Medium Risk Investor We don't offer any services of Derivatives & Commodity market to Medium Risk appetite client
Above 390 High High Risk Investor Offer services with High risk and return. Principal amount may be at 100% risk. Suitable only for experienced investor/trader or for investor/trader willing to take risk in market for high returns. Approximately 1-4 tips recommended per services and sometime requested to hold the position as per the services chosen.

As per the SEBI Guidelines, Investment Adviser shall ensure that-

    1. As per the risk profiling conducted, your total score is _______________ and your risk category is _______________________. Hence, Below is the investment advice services List based on your risk category, on next page you can select the services appropriate to your risk profile.
    2. After assessing your investment objectives and financial position through Risk Profiling filled by you through our website, it is notified to you through the e-mail on your registered e-mail id _____________________. Apart from this, you can also send us the risk profiling copy filled by you via e-mail.
    3. After the risk profiling only, the suitable products or services can be offered as per client risk category. Further, the risk associated with each service is defined under moderate risk and high risk.
    Please refer the table below with risk based classification of services.
    4. We believe that the recommendation provided:
      (i) Since your investment objective is __________________, this recommendation meets your expectations.
      (ii) Since, you have experience of ___________________ in the stock/derivative/currency market; it can be considered that you understand the risk associated with the market.
    5. We do not offer any complex financial product/services to any of our client. All the services offered are listed on our website along with their respective features hence you can always access the list of services we offer.

Risk based classification of the services:-

S. No. Service Name Risk classification
1 Cash Basic Medium
2 Cash Premium High
3 Cash BTST High
4 Future Basic High
5 Future Premium High
6 Future BTST High
7 Option Basic High
8 Option Premium High
9 Option BTST High
10 Option HNI High
11 Bullion Premium High
12 Metal Premium High
13 Energy Premium High

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