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Investment in stock and commodity market is subject to market risk, before investment please read carefully terms & condition. Please do not trade on those tips which are not provided through SMS or Messengers.We do not provide any surety, guaranteed or assured return.



SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (Regd. No. INA000004427)


I PAN Email ID Date

  • 1. I confirm that the Smart Money Financial Services is an investment advisory firm and registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India and situated at Indore. The registration number is INA000004427. This number is confirmed from website of smart money and SEBI by me.
  • 2. I confirm that the investment advisory services is only belongs to me, because the services engagement is between me and Smart Money Financial Services and services will start after the competition of all documentary process.
  • 3. I confirm that previously, I have completed my Know Your Client and Risk Profile Assessment process and Know the profile regarding to my risk taking capacity and I’m satisfied with risk profile score and assessment.
  • 4. I confirm that I know that the amount which I paid to smart money financial services is for investment advisory services. My investment amount is not the part of my debt and exigency fund and fee- amount is paid from the proper banking channel and received the Tax and signed invoice from Smart money. This amount is not violating the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.
  • 5. I confirm that the risk factor related to the market, market products & securities and investment advisory services and I also know the profile regarding to my risk taking capacity. I know that no one give guarantee, assurance and promise for market return and/or profit.
  • 6. I confirm that I have not provided any De-mat account credential to the smart money financial services for execution of investment advisory services and I also know the written documents are more important than expressed corresponding.
  • 7. I confirm that I read and understand the terms & conditions, Past performance, Disclaimers, and Disclosures from the website ( of Smart Money Financial Services and understand each and every point of these documents.
  • 8. I confirm that the only written communication is valid in this investment advisory process, oral and informal communication is null under the preview of this confirmation letter.
  • 9. I confirm that the validity of this confirmation letter shall be initially valid for service period and/or duration mentioned in your Invoice, from the date of signing the confirmation letter and to be renewed subsequently by mutual consent of both the parties.
  • 10. I confirm that for me this confirmation letter is express agreement. The effect of this agreement is when I will receive this agreement cum confirmation letter.

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